The 2016 Safety Leadership Award letter and criteria are now available.

2016 Safety Leadership Award


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The AASHTO Safety Leadership Award recognizes member states that have demonstrated themselves to be safety champions through actions designed to drive down serious injuries and fatalities. One or more states can receive the award each year.  The leadership of SCOHTS chooses the award recipient(s).


Safety Leadership Award Presentation

AASHTO Annual Meeting

September 27, 2015

Awards Luncheon

The AASHTO Safety Leadership Award honors a state that has made significant improvements in safety by showing s demonstrated leadership in safety, strong safety partnerships and strategic planning, and innovation in safety.

This year, 11 states submitted applications for this award and all of the states demonstrate a commitment to safety and strong safety programs.  

The 2015 Safety Leadership Award goes to state of Iowa. Paul Trombino, Iowa's Department of Transportation Secretary was at the luncheon to receive the award.  Rudy Malfabon, Secretary of Nevada Department of Transportation and chair of the SCOHTS committee presented this award.

The Iowa Department of Transportation demonstrates its leadership in safety through its commitment to pilot new programs and strategies, continue supporting successful activities, and communicating the safety message throughout the state and the DOT. Strong leadership throughout the DOT has been key to its safety success, seen in the continued decline in fatalities in Iowa.

A strong collaborative group of traffic safety partners has supported several new initiatives over the past couple years:

  • Safety plans for locals and for the DOT districts
  • The "High Five Rural Traffic Safety" project using engineering, enforcement, and education to build safer rural communities
  • A new web-based crash data analysis tool which supports new initiatives and data-driven decisions through improved analysis and customer service. 

Iowa continues to use its successful programs, including a cable median barrier program, impaired driving enforcement and training, expanding use of intelligent transportation systems, supporting the Local Technical Assistance Program's safety engineering activities, and sponsoring innovative safety research.

A traffic safety communications program is key to the success in Iowa. The DOT is aware that a key ingredient in reducing fatalities and serious injuries over the coming years will be public awareness of traffic safety strategies for improving driver behavior. One example is Message Monday, where the DOT posts the current number of traffic fatalities along with a traffic safety message on dynamic message boards across the state each Monday. Staff are encouraged to develop creative messages that help start conversations about safety, increase visitors to social media sites, and increase media attention on safety.


Congratulations to Iowa for being the 2015 AASHTO Safety Leadership Award recipients.  


Previous Award Recipients:

2014  New York Department of Transportation

2013  Utah and  

2012 Massachusetts and Minnesota

2011 Lousiana

2010 Alabama, Illinois

2009  Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada

2008: New Mexico

2007: Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri

2006: Utah

2005: Iowa, Michigan, Washington