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SCOHTS Membership

Chair: Rudy Malfabon, Nevada

Vice Chair: James Barna, Ohio

Secretary: Elizabeth Alicandri, FHWA

AASHTO Staff Liaisons


Charge and Membership Statement:

The committee shall encourage, recommend and support highway safety programs to reduce highway related crashes with special emphasis on fatalities and serious injuries on all highway systems and promote national health and economic growth. The committee shall continue to evaluate highway safety needs in the broad definition encompassing the four E's—Engineering, Enforcement, Education and Emergency medical services with a broad focus on the facilities, vehicles, drivers, and supporting systems. It shall be responsible for the development and continuedupdating of AASHTO Strategy Highway Safety Plan.

It shall monitor national trends and circumstances to ascertain highway safety influences and propose appropriate action. Based upon qualified studies, it shall comment to the Member Departments and the Board of Directors on measures before Congress that would affect highway safety.

It shall serve as a forum to disseminate, and exchange information on innovative measures that national organizations, individual states and localities have developed to improve safety among the Member Departments and the various other AASHTO committees and subcommittees.

The committee shall identify and receive reports from its subcommittees and task forces as to federal regulatory mandates of national concern, and provide reports thereon.

It may interact with other organizations involved in highway safety in designing long term strategies and developing plans that support a recommended highway safety direction for AASHTO now and in the future.

This list of such organization may include but not limited to: National Safety Council, International Association of Chiefs of Police, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, Governors' Highway Safety Association, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Transportation Research Board, National Sheriffs Association, American Trucking Association, American Automobile Association, Health and Emergency Medical Groups, National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials, Traffic law enforcement specialty training institutions, Institute of Transportation Engineer, National Association of County Engineers, and other appropriate public and private groups.

Membership on this committee shall consist of a Chair and Vice Chair plus five persons from each of the four AASHTO regions;

  • two Chief Executive Officers, deputy CEOs or chief highway or engineering officers;
  • a combination of three state highway safety representatives and/or state traffic engineers.
  • Five additional members shall consist of members from the various AASHTO Member departments that relate to the following disciplines:
    • State Traffic Law Enforcement,
    • Motor Vehicle Administrators,
    • Emergency Medical, and
    • Governors Highway Safety Representatives.

In addition, one non-voting member maybe identified from each of the following Federal Agencies:

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Federal Highway Administration,
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration,
  • National Transportation Safety Board,
  • Department of Defense

All members of the committee shall be appointed by the President of the Association. The term of the appointments shall be four years with reappointment possible at the discretion of the President, except for the committee officers, who shall be appointed to the terms provided for in Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety Charge.​